Who’s Pouring into your spirit.

personal-development-wesley-chapelWho’s Pouring into your spirit?

I was on a business call with my mentor and the rest of my business partners which we have every Sunday @ 7:55pm, I hope you can make it one day. As Mr Collier started talking to us I felt a spirited come over me to tell me write everything down, his spirited was on FIRE!

How do you measure success, what do success look like?

Most people feel success is having  expensive cars, clothes and the best of jewelry, a big house with a pool and a white poodle for the wife. When you see these people at the red light or at a event where all the cars are line up to show you how successful they are, or you see young people wearing all the brand names clothes and watches and flashing money on the web. Is that really success, or where did they learn it from, THINK!


I am sorry to tell you that’s not success. What you see is people inviting you to a lifestyle of slavery. What do you mean a lifestyle of SLAVERY?

What you really see is….. DEBT PEOPLE.

Take a real look at these people because they are not successful because they have a BMW, BENZ, OR A BIG HOME, most of the cars where giving to them by a company or they have note and they must keep your eyes close and to keep you spending money on a product or services so you’ll can pay for them to ride (Learn The Game). Everything that’s flashy isn’t gold, every opportunity is not always good for you, be careful in the waters because we have sharks who will eat you up (Take all your Money and think twice about it). That is what Debt People do because they became a Borrower to the lender and, put into slavery. We have to watch who’s bringing us the information about being successful and do they have a blue print for success. My mentor always tell me that I must have a goal to eliminate debt, not create it. Until  the next blog!

  1. Don’t become a slave to the lender.
  2. Do you own your car?
  3. Do you own your home?
  4. Do you and your kids know Sallie Mae?









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