Your Secret Wisdom!

Myrtle-Beach-With-Kids-MagiQuest-20377You have a secret wisdom that was placed in you before you was born. A potential a wisdom to know who you are and what you were created to be and do in life. That potential is a hidden overstanding that follows neither the wisdom of our society nor the insights of our leaders. Unlike the wisdom of this world, which is worthless, this secret wisdom is the key to overstand your true potential.

Many people die without unveiling their wealth of wisdom. They die in total foolishness, without experiencing the life that dwells within. What a pity! They have missed  discovering their secret wisdom. Secret here does not mean to be withheld from. It rather has a meaning of to have known existed. There is a difference. This secret wisdom is something we never knew existed within us. I was told by a great master teacher!

 You were born rich with wisdom!

I know you may find that hard to accept perhaps you think I am a mad man. But the truth is you’ll be shocked when you overstand who you really are. You don’t know what you have inside you, that you are selling so cheaply. You have a secret wisdom, a wisdom that you should be using to discover your true potential.

None of the rulers of this world overstood it, nor have ever overstood it. If only we could overstand who we are. We keep thinking that the life we left behind is better than the life toward which we are headed. We are constantly dipping into the ways and wisdom of the world to try and solve our present situations. But the world does not know the wisdom and potential destined for you. They don’t overstand it and sometime they resent that we have a secret wisdom That carries you forward toward your unique destiny.

Your eyes can’t see, your ears can’t hear, neither can your mind imagine the future that awaits you. It’s totally beyond what you can  OVERSTAND! If you see through your eyes what you were created to be, you’d change your life. If you could hear trough your ears or perceive through your mind what you were create to be you would, but unfortunately you can’t. Your situation sounds hopeless: No eyes have seen it, no ears have heard it, can not help you overstand what was prepared for you before you were born.

   If they could, you would have shape up. The Middle Path

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 Peace N Love

Noble Hassan


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