How to Eliminate Fear


FEAR1)   There is no such thing as a fearless leader.

You have probably sat in the back row or nosebleed section of a convention or other major event at some point and compared yourself unfavorably with the speakers on the stage.  They could be wearing a suit that cost more than your automobile, and they just seem so poised, confident and assured.  You could easily come to the conclusion that they are fearless. But you would be wrong.  So wrong.

In reality, there is no such thing as a fearless leader.  Really.  We all have fears we have to face on a regular basis.  And we all have candidates on our own candidate list that we’re nervous or anxious about approaching something or somebody.

The reason that top leaders are on the stage receiving awards is not because we aren’t afraid to call certain prospects.  It’s because we called them in spite of those fears.  Or sometimes we call them because of those fears.

2)   No one ever had a breakthrough in their comfort zone. 

If you want to become a top leader in your company and the profession, if you want to cash the big bonus checks, drive the bonus cars and earn the exotic trips – you have to stop doing only the things that are comfortable to you and start doing some things that scare you.  Because that’s where the breakthroughs live. Get Started Now!

3)   Take action and it will neutralizes fear.

Think back to high school when you had to break up with someone.  Or if you’re a boss and ever had to let someone go who wasn’t right for a position.  What’s the best course of action?  Do it and get it over with fast.

Make the calls.  It doesn’t matter if the prospect says yes or no.  It really doesn’t.  What matters is that you made the calls.  Because by making the calls, you built character, got experience, and learned lessons that will make you stronger in the future.

And that, is what will take you to where you really want to be!

Noble Hassan!



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