A Hustler Vs A Business

IMG_284706780030427I was on a training call with my Mentor and he starting breaking down the different between being a hustler or a business. He told me to pick up the webster dictionary and look up the meaning of both words. When I started reading the meaning of both words I got a great overstanding. I was raise by hustlers who taught me how to get money. Most hustler become good in sales because they need money and its all about moving the product fast. A hustlers can sell anything because he/she knows the art of selling. The hustlers just want make a sale fast and move on to the next. Most hustlers can become a great business person if they found a great mentor who will help the grow.

Everyone needs a mentor who can help them grow in areas where they lack information. This is the information age where you can found anything you want to know Google it!. When I came to Atlanta in 1998 I had a hustling swag and I build a million dollar business from a hustling mindset. My hustling attitude cost me a lot of money and pain. Look up the word hustler in the urban dictionary and find out the meaning for yourself. Today I am mentoring men with a hustling mindset.

A true mentor will break you down and build you up. Then he/she will point you in the direction of personal development. I just love being mentor or mentoring someone who looking to change they life. Working on yourself is not easy, its very painful to change old bad habits. A mentor will suggest that you start investing in yourself because it is the best investment. How many books are you reading?  What did you learn new today and what are you doing with the new information? What do you want in life and how are you going to get it?

Everything you have learned in life came from somebody else, now its time for you to see if the information is true or false. Some people will give you false information and you will run with it until you crash.  Learn how to think for your self. All success people invest in themselves first. 

Personal Development is the key to your success!

You must become good before you can become great!







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